Car insurance

                You get in a car accident. You expect that your car insurance company is going to pay for you to get fixed up at a doctor. Now similar to mechanics who might be paid for say 1.7 hours for rebuilding a carburetor even if it takes him 3 hours; the insurance companies have decided how many visits you get based on your diagnosis from multiple doctors and diagnostic tests. The insurance company will pay the doctor so you get your care and then 6 months or 1 year later they demand the money back from the doctor. They hire a renegade doctor to shoot down your bills. The doctor has to go after the patient for the money.

                This is one of the questions that no one knows to ask their mandatory insurance distributer. The question is will you take the money back from the doctor because I don’t want to end up paying for it. And, if not will you provide a signed affidavit that you won’t. This is what it has come to. Heed this warning unless you already know this my friends.

                One of my other favorites is the 5000 dollar personal injury portion, or that which pays the Dr. when you get into an accident. I happen to know that if you ask 7 or 12 dollars a month can raise that to 20000 or as much as 100000 dollars. You don’t know unless you ask. Peace love and light.

4/26/2015 06:52:30 am

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