Car insurance

                You get in a car accident. You expect that your car insurance company is going to pay for you to get fixed up at a doctor. Now similar to mechanics who might be paid for say 1.7 hours for rebuilding a carburetor even if it takes him 3 hours; the insurance companies have decided how many visits you get based on your diagnosis from multiple doctors and diagnostic tests. The insurance company will pay the doctor so you get your care and then 6 months or 1 year later they demand the money back from the doctor. They hire a renegade doctor to shoot down your bills. The doctor has to go after the patient for the money.

                This is one of the questions that no one knows to ask their mandatory insurance distributer. The question is will you take the money back from the doctor because I don’t want to end up paying for it. And, if not will you provide a signed affidavit that you won’t. This is what it has come to. Heed this warning unless you already know this my friends.

                One of my other favorites is the 5000 dollar personal injury portion, or that which pays the Dr. when you get into an accident. I happen to know that if you ask 7 or 12 dollars a month can raise that to 20000 or as much as 100000 dollars. You don’t know unless you ask. Peace love and light.

                Always read the label if there is one on all perishable items. You might not really remember when you purchased it. Sprouts of many kinds are particularly quick to go bad and my family remembers an 8 hour day that I spent with the porcelain god at our local “Y” when several of us worked there. The sprouts parmesan wasn’t worth it. Also if you buy the same item before the old one is used up you might use the new one first and let the old one go bad. Buying a different type of a usual product might also lead you to not being able to tell if your stuff has gone bad. I will just say that if you have suffered a head injury like I have you might not be able to taste or smell and therefore not be able to tell if food is bad. Sometimes I can’t taste. Sometimes food tastes like something else. Serve me chocolate and it may smell like poop to me and then it will never get past the lips. Serve me iced tea and I might think its chocolate.

                Last week there was stomach flu going around of the 24-48 hour variety. It was one of the worst I have ever had. The worst was the one from the sprouts at the “y”. My middle daughter Jazz had it last week along with my dogs, my brother and my brother’s dogs. Jazz’s lasted maybe 72 hours and some enzymes and bacteria helped.  Mine seemed to be worse and last for more than twice as long, especially the cramps and the weakness. My daughter Chelsea  got over it in 48 hours with some pepto, reiki and acupressure. I also have MSG poisoning as a consequence of eating the wrong food. I get all those symptoms and unilateral orchitis (swollen left testicle) ouch.

                About 5 days into the torture Risa a girl im dating asked for as turkey sandwich; Innocent enough even for her. I made her that turkey sandwich and she asked me if the turkey was bad. I said no, but if you think it is at all then I’m throwing it out. She said “No”! I said “yes”! I threw out out sandwiches. Then she read the expiration date and it was 2 weeks ago. I week ago I had a big, fat turkey, sourdough, lettuce, tomato onion sandwich with pickles, green olives and hot peppers on the side. If that was not enough to perplex my taste buds it was smoked turkey. This is one of the health tips itself. We are used to regular, dinner roast turkey which tastes like thanksgiving. The smoked turkey was on sale so I bought it. It disguised the taste of bad meat to me at least. That was a different type of the same food that I usually eat.

                If you did the math that smoked turkey was one week bad when I ate it. Ach du leiber was I sick. I didn’t figure out that it was food poisoning and not the “going around” stomach flu till she read the date on that spoiled turkey. Well we usually have turkey in the house, of the lunch meat variety. I bought a new package of turkey before the old one was finished and someone opened the new one and the old one went bad. I ate the old one. Also I did suffer that testicular phenomenon making think it might be MSG poisoning. I had eaten tomatoes pie from the Italian market in Philadelphia and I wondered if they used MSG. One would think with the pride they take in their cooking.

                This could all have been avoided by reading the expiration date. Restaurants that want to stay open check their stock, maybe we should too. My head injury made me less likely to tell bad food which should make me more likely to read expiration dates. I bought smoked turkey instead of the usual dinner roast which hid the spoiled taste as well. We ate the newly bought before the old and that contributed as well. In short be more careful especially me.




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You have seen the commercial, i've fallen and i can't get up. How about the older folks who can't stand up out of a chair or balance. They don't need a chair that will stand up for them. They need a conscientiously applied program of rehab and to be retrained. after they get done with stretching, strengthening, gait therapy and vitamin therapy they graduate to yoga, love it and are new people. it has been very rewarding to 
Did you know you can use vitamins as a weight loss strategy? Imagine that besides cakes and pies your body is also hungry for vitamins, enzymes, essential fatty acids, minerals and the like. That is why if you eat food that is not nutritious you get hungry again faster, over and over again. If you take a hand full of vitamins before each meal you may increase your nutrition by a factor of 10, put a bolus of food that is pure nutrition in your stomach taking up some room and thus decreasing the the room to pack it in and increase the speed and efficiency of gastric motility and digestion. side effects are all health related, but should be done under a doctors supervision.


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            I had terrible stress in my life. I had to deal with it. I had to be a man about it. I needed some help. Since half of what I do is nutrition and I have a keen interest in it I wrote myself a prescription. I decided to take what it is that is depleted from the body when you are stressed. I decided to take the herbal formula that destroys the stress hormone cortisol and the best cheapest form of pH therapy I could find. After the first time I took it, it felt like it took the edge off in about half an hour. It felt good. It was not like taking drugs or booze. It felt good in another way. I enjoy it. In the first 3 months I lost 45 pounds. I have kept it off. 30 patients who asked what happened to me also have lost weight and several were so excited that they are selling it as well through me.

            One of the products, of which there are 3 is chlorophyll. As it turns out Iron Man 2 is my greatest commercial accept for the way I look now. In one month after the movie came out I got 29 calls and the first two went like this. Dr. Paul you have been trying to get me to drink chlorophyll for years. I was watching the movie Iron Man 2 and during the movie he is drinking a green fluid. Somewhere in the middle of the movie someone asks what it is and low and behold he says chlorophyll, and he is a scientist so it must be good and I want it. Now I told the first two callers that I am a scientist, Iron Man is an actor and a martial artist but that doesn't mean that he knows anything about botany, biochemistry or vitamins. Calls 3 through 29 and on went differently. Yes he is I said and come in and buy it. After all chlorophyll is the 1 best thing in a nutritionists health arsenal in many people's opinion.

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