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            I had terrible stress in my life. I had to deal with it. I had to be a man about it. I needed some help. Since half of what I do is nutrition and I have a keen interest in it I wrote myself a prescription. I decided to take what it is that is depleted from the body when you are stressed. I decided to take the herbal formula that destroys the stress hormone cortisol and the best cheapest form of pH therapy I could find. After the first time I took it, it felt like it took the edge off in about half an hour. It felt good. It was not like taking drugs or booze. It felt good in another way. I enjoy it. In the first 3 months I lost 45 pounds. I have kept it off. 30 patients who asked what happened to me also have lost weight and several were so excited that they are selling it as well through me.

            One of the products, of which there are 3 is chlorophyll. As it turns out Iron Man 2 is my greatest commercial accept for the way I look now. In one month after the movie came out I got 29 calls and the first two went like this. Dr. Paul you have been trying to get me to drink chlorophyll for years. I was watching the movie Iron Man 2 and during the movie he is drinking a green fluid. Somewhere in the middle of the movie someone asks what it is and low and behold he says chlorophyll, and he is a scientist so it must be good and I want it. Now I told the first two callers that I am a scientist, Iron Man is an actor and a martial artist but that doesn't mean that he knows anything about botany, biochemistry or vitamins. Calls 3 through 29 and on went differently. Yes he is I said and come in and buy it. After all chlorophyll is the 1 best thing in a nutritionists health arsenal in many people's opinion.